We work for large companies. Among them are many stock corporations. Their risk managers and insurance professionals cooperate with us for the Directors & Officers insurance. Therefore, we also manage the Financial Lines. Without the interplay of the Financial Lines, a D&O no longer works today. We design individual contracts, adjust them annually and maintain the long-term relationships with your insurers.


Our B2B services are designed for companies with a turnover of at least 1 billion Euros. At the same time, we also manage direct business for clients who do not have their own insurance department.


About us

Our team consists predominantly of fully qualified lawyers. We are not salesmen or alarmists. We optimize the existing and appreciate the continuity of the cooperation with your insurers. We support you by optimizing the policies, aligning the contracts, closing the gaps and helping to match expectations with realities.



Due to our numerous first-class references insureds, brokers, insurers and lawyers gladly trust our advice.


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