We work for lar­ge com­pa­nies. Among them are many stock cor­po­ra­ti­ons. Their risk mana­gers and insuran­ce pro­fes­sio­nals coope­ra­te with us for the Direc­tors & Offi­cers insuran­ce. The­re­fo­re, we also mana­ge the Finan­cial Lines. Without the inter­play of the Finan­cial Lines, a D&O no lon­ger works today. We design indi­vi­du­al con­tracts, adjust them annu­al­ly and main­tain the long-term rela­ti­ons­hips with your insu­rers.


Our B2B ser­vices are desi­gned for com­pa­nies with a tur­no­ver of at least 1 bil­li­on Euros. At the same time, we also mana­ge direct busi­ness for cli­ents who do not have their own insuran­ce depart­ment.


About us

Our team con­sists pre­do­mi­nant­ly of ful­ly qua­li­fied lawy­ers. We are not sales­men or alar­mists. We opti­mi­ze the exis­ting and appre­cia­te the con­ti­nui­ty of the coope­ra­ti­on with your insu­rers. We sup­port you by opti­mi­zing the poli­ci­es, aligning the con­tracts, clo­sing the gaps and hel­ping to match expec­ta­ti­ons with rea­li­ties.



Due to our nume­rous first-class refe­ren­ces insu­reds, bro­kers, insu­rers and lawy­ers glad­ly trust our advice.


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